Jul 07

Incite Love

I woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind kept turning over and over. What can one person do?

I have anger, and I know that anyone (especially a woman) who acts out of anger get dismissed.

I also know that Love is stronger than Fear – and there’s a whole lot of Fear running our country right now.

So what to do?




A new day

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Aug 04

From the Razor’s Edge

Where does your knowledge come from?

Not the ‘book learning.’ Not the lessons imparted by your parents, friends, or society. The knowledge you have deep within.

What I’m finding recently is a new appreciation for the knowledge gained by my times of intense struggle – being on the edge of death. There were the physical / medical times that you all know about (or can read about). There were also other times – suicidal times – that I don’t talk about as much.



Designed and created by Jennifer Haines as part of Carrie Little's ordination stole.

Designed and created by Jennifer Haines as part of Carrie Little’s ordination stole.

I knew I had strength from those times. I knew I made it out the other side. I even knew that some people would consider me a miracle for surviving. All of that is about the surviving. 

But what if there’s knowledge in the experience itself – not just on the other side of it?


Looking at the idea of spiritual empowerment, I’m feeling like the empowerment part comes from the courage, the perseverance, the determination – the ‘getting through it.’ But the spiritual part… maybe that comes from the experience itself.

Or maybe it’s the other way ’round.

How does that sit with you? If you’ve been on the ‘razor’s edge’ – looking Death in the face – has that been a driving force toward Spirit, a means for you to get closer to Spirit? A push away from Spirit? Something else?

Interested to know what you all think. :)




Apr 14

On Tenebrae

Don’t fall asleep

Hold space for me

for my prayerGethsemane-CDore

for my sorrow

My life is in your hands

Don’t fall asleep


Don’t fall asleep

You are weary

so am I

there are some things

Bigger than either of us

Don’t fall asleep


Don’t fall asleep

Your wakefulness

can heal the world

your wakefulness

Is all the world has left

Don’t fall asleep


(c) Carrie Little 2017, On Tenebrae



Jan 23

Perspective and Hope

On Sunday, January 22, I lit the chalice as part of the opening of worship at the UU church I attend. Here is what I shared.

When I was contemplating a chalice lighting for today, one spiritual writer came to mind immediately: Julian of Norwich.

all shall be wellFor those who don’t know her: Julian – not her real name – lived in England during the time of the Hundred Years War and the Bubonic Plague. There was a scarcity of food, a high level of unemployment, and – it almost goes without saying, a huge amount of fear. Julian was a Christian who received a series of visions from God and wrote them down.

Whenever I am feeling uneasy about whatever is happening in my own world, I find that Julian gives me some perspective.

So I’d like to share a few of her meditations here today:

God showed me in my palm / a little thing round as a ball / about the size of a hazelnut. / I looked at it with the eye of my / understanding and asked myself: / “What is this thing?” / And I was answered: “It is everything that is created.” / I wondered how it could survive since / it seemed so little it could suddenly / disintegrate into nothing. / The answer came: “It endures and ever will / endure, because God loves it.” / And so everything has being / because of God’s love. (p 25)

God did not say: “You will not be tempested. You will not labor hard. You will not be troubled.” But God did say: “You will not be overcome.” (p 115)

God said: “It is necessary that sin should exist. / But
all will be well, and all will be well, and every manner of thing will be well.” (p 48)

I light the chalice today in honor of long-term perspective and hope.

All quotes are from ‘Meditations with Julian of Norwich’ by Brendan Doyle.

Nov 28

Privilege and Balance

It is a mark of privilege that I have been struggling since the election.

I’ve come to some conclusions since then – just three weeks ago – that I’d like to share with you. Mother Teresa quote

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Jun 06

Musing on muses

Who is your muse? Where do you find him or her?

My muse tends to find me, rather than that other way around. Mine whispers to me while I’m driving, or wakes me up from a deep sleep. My muse can be playful or deadly serious. Generally, my muse is telling me to write – sometimes prose, sometimes a song.


Art by Arina @ar.t.ina on http://www.distance-fromto.com/instagram/ar.t.ina/2318632431

Art by Arina @ar.t.ina on http://www.distance-fromto.com/instagram/ar.t.ina/2318632431

Sometimes I ignore my muse.

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Aug 02

Grieving While Spiritual

My dog died four weeks ago.
Shelby 2011-03-03 at 15.09 #2

To be honest, four weeks ago my husband and I made the decision to euthanize our dog.

There wasn’t much of a ‘decision’ to make; she could no longer walk, and she was refusing both food and water. I came home from a working-vacation in Maine in order to be with her and my husband at the vet appointment. We knew what the vet would say, and we knew it wasn’t fair to try to keep her alive. She would have died naturally within a week, possibly less, and she would have suffered even more.

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Apr 26

Thoughts from God

The idea of marketing spiritual services is always a tough one. On the one hand, there is a tendency to want to rely on God to bring the right people to me (us), and therefore feel that any marketing work that I do somehow indicates a lack of trust. On the other hand is the axiom of ‘God helps those who help themselves’ and the story of the man standing on his roof while the flood water rose all around him. I am reading a great book now that encourages a balance – I do marketing to the best of my ability AND I pray and ask God to bring the right people to see and respond to that marketing.

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Apr 01

A new intro to my work…


What kind of relationship do you have with God? Is God as close as your breath, or does God not even exist? Does the Divine remind you of Her presence every day, or is She distant and judgmental? Is the Sacred found in the trees and sky, or is He present in the connections we have with the people around us? Or all of the above?

(This column was included in the Spirit Renewal Center {Chelmsford, MA} newsletter of April 2015.)

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Oct 12

Can I trust? Can you?

There has been a recent pattern in my life asking me to trust God. I freely admit I have some issues with it.

I continue to be reminded that “we make plans, and God laughs.” I make goals for my (side) business, but as with many other aspects of life, there is only so much I can control around whether those goals come to fruition. Meeting those goals would mean a particular income stream, which would mean that I could extricate myself from a supplemental income source (which could otherwise be unceremoniously removed from our budget at any random time). Not meeting those goals then leads me to question whether I’m working hard enough, whether I should be developing other income pathways and whether God even wants me working that business.  (He does; he’s encouraged and supported it the whole time.)

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