Jun 06

Musing on muses

Who is your muse? Where do you find him or her?

My muse tends to find me, rather than that other way around. Mine whispers to me while I’m driving, or wakes me up from a deep sleep. My muse can be playful or deadly serious. Generally, my muse is telling me to write – sometimes prose, sometimes a song.


Art by Arina @ar.t.ina on http://www.distance-fromto.com/instagram/ar.t.ina/2318632431

Art by Arina @ar.t.ina on http://www.distance-fromto.com/instagram/ar.t.ina/2318632431

Sometimes I ignore my muse.

Lately, I’ve been busy – too busy for my muse. I’ve been balancing hours of pay-per-hour consulting work, with work on my own ministry, with work caring and nurturing my body and my spirit and my mind. My muse tells me that listening to him / her would be nurturing for my spirit. It’s not that I don’t believe my muse; I just don’t take the time.

I have some trips coming up. There’s a long driving trip to and from Cleveland this week. There will be a flight to and from Orlando in early July. In late July and early August, I will be out on Matinicus Island in Maine. I will still have work to do during all of these trips. Yet somehow I find that my muse catches me more easily when I am not at home.

Perhaps my muse likes to hang out in my suitcases. Perhaps I can listen more easily when I don’t have the clutter of old paperwork or laundry piles yelling at me, as often happens at home. Perhaps my heart is more open to my muse when my senses are more open to new sights and sounds and smells.

For whatever reason, I can feel my muse getting ready. He’s preparing his presentation. She’s readying her list of priorities to lay at my feet or slip under my pillow.

I suppose I should get a new journal, so I have a place to catch all the new ideas that will come my way.

Does your spirit speak to you through a muse? What does your muse say?

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