Aug 04

From the Razor’s Edge

Where does your knowledge come from?

Not the ‘book learning.’ Not the lessons imparted by your parents, friends, or society. The knowledge you have deep within.

What I’m finding recently is a new appreciation for the knowledge gained by my times of intense struggle – being on the edge of death. There were the physical / medical times that you all know about (or can read about). There were also other times – suicidal times – that I don’t talk about as much.



Designed and created by Jennifer Haines as part of Carrie Little's ordination stole.

Designed and created by Jennifer Haines as part of Carrie Little’s ordination stole.

I knew I had strength from those times. I knew I made it out the other side. I even knew that some people would consider me a miracle for surviving. All of that is about the surviving. 

But what if there’s knowledge in the experience itself – not just on the other side of it?


Looking at the idea of spiritual empowerment, I’m feeling like the empowerment part comes from the courage, the perseverance, the determination – the ‘getting through it.’ But the spiritual part… maybe that comes from the experience itself.

Or maybe it’s the other way ’round.

How does that sit with you? If you’ve been on the ‘razor’s edge’ – looking Death in the face – has that been a driving force toward Spirit, a means for you to get closer to Spirit? A push away from Spirit? Something else?

Interested to know what you all think. :)




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