Sep 23



I’m excited to share that I will be leading the Spiritual Mentoring Certificate Program at Tree of Life Interfaith Temple beginning in October!

Some people feel a call to spiritual mentoring (also called spiritual direction or spiritual companioning) as a vocation. The skills of deep listening, holding space, and becoming comfortable discussing spirituality across faith differences can be useful for folks in all walks of life, especially those in the helping professions.

How is this program different than others out there?

1. Inclusive of all backgrounds:
No matter your faith, religion, or spiritual background – and no matter the background of your mentees – you want to be able to support anyone who seeks your counsel. As an interfaith program, this is our default. You are welcome here, whether Christian, Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Wiccan, Buddhist, or a mix of some or none of the above. And you will learn to meet your clients wherever they are or have been.

2. Established curriculum:
You want to know that the program you are investing in for your future is tried and tested, that others have gone through the program and benefitted from it. This program was first written in 2011 and continued for seven years under the instruction of the founder of Tree of Life Interfaith Temple, Rev. Dr. Stephanie Rutt.

3. Topical:
In this social climate, you want to know that your program will help you learn to support different cultures, races, and identities. So much of our history has been focused on white men; it’s good and right to bring the voices of women and BIPOC (Black Indigenous and People of Color) to the table. And what about your burning questions and needs? You want a program that is flexible enough to address your needs – whether that’s professional marketing, working with the population of Spiritual But Not Religious, or feeling called to a particular environment like homelessness or the prison system. The Tree of Life Program has you covered.

There’s not a lot of time to sign up – registration closes October 1.

There will be an informational session Wednesday, September 29, at 7pm ET on zoom.

For all the logistical details, please visit: https://www.tolinterfaithtemple.org/spiritual-mentoring-certificate-program.html

If you have any questions, feel free to email me directly – carrieaives2020 @ gmail.com (without the spaces).

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