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Jul 07

Incite Love

A new day

I woke up at 2am and couldn’t get back to sleep. My mind kept turning over and over. What can one person do? I have anger, and I know that anyone (especially a woman) who acts out of anger get dismissed. I also know that Love is stronger than Fear – and there’s a whole …

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Nov 28

Privilege and Balance

It is a mark of privilege that I have been struggling since the election. I’ve come to some conclusions since then – just three weeks ago – that I’d like to share with you. Please follow, like & share:

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Oct 12

Can I trust? Can you?

There has been a recent pattern in my life asking me to trust God. I freely admit I have some issues with it. I continue to be reminded that “we make plans, and God laughs.” I make goals for my (side) business, but as with many other aspects of life, there is only so much …

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Jul 28

Fundamentalism – Not So Fun

Fundamentalists scare me. It doesn’t matter whether they are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Neo-Pagan Goddess worshippers. A Fundamentalist of any faith believes that they are right and that no other truth could possibly exist.   I would hope that anyone who practices a faith or is an adherent of a religion would think that they …

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