Rev Carrie is pleased to be able to offer the following services. {Click on the service name or scroll down for more detailed descriptions.} Please contact her with any questions or to make an appointment. She is able to have discussions in person (at her office in Chelmsford, MA) or via phone or video chat.

COVID-19: Please note ~ through this pandemic, in person sessions are not possible. All contact will be via phone or video chat [Facetime, Zoom, Skype, Google Duo]. Thank you for your understanding!


Session space and altar shelves

Session space in Carrie’s private office



Spiritual Direction / Mentoring 


Spiritual Coaching 

     “From Sickness to Wellness: The Renewed Spirit”

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Spiritual Resiliency Program


The Avatar Course
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Workshops / Group Sessions


Worship Services




Baby Blessings


Funerals / Memorials


A Note about Money




Spiritual Direction / Mentoring

Spiritual direction is…
an exploration of one’s own experience. Discussions can range from long-term spiritual growth and practices to small coincidences that speak to Sacred presence on a daily basis. The ‘goal’ is a deeper connection to the Divine, however you understand Him/Her/It.

Each one-on-one session is conducted in a comfortable setting.
You, as the client, determine the depth and intensity of the process.

You might benefit if…
~ you are going through a transition in your life
~ you are trying to make meaning of a chronic and/or serious illness
~ you would like to deepen your connection to God
~ you don’t have a faith community
~ you are seeking spiritual depth beyond your faith community

Connect with God intentionally, deeply, experientially. Spend one hour with Rev. Carrie each month looking at the way God / The Divine / Spirit works in your life. The introductory session, “Where are you? Where is God?,” is a wonderful exploration into if direction is right for you and if Rev Carrie is the right director for you.

For more on Spiritual Direction, please visit Spiritual Directors International.

Spiritual direction sessions are typically one hour, once a month. The basic fee is $90 per session; a sliding scale is available for those in financial difficulty. During the COVID-19 pandemic, sessions for new and ongoing clients are free.


Spiritual Coaching

Spiritual Coaching is Spiritual Direction with the added knowledge provided by a lifetime of chronic / terminal illness, through which Rev. Carrie survived and is thriving. If you would like to look at questions of how God fits in with illness of any sort, and particularly chronic or serious illness, we recommend that you try Spiritual Coaching above Spiritual Direction. The introductory session, “Where are you? Where is God?,” is a wonderful exploration into whether direction or coaching would be a better fit. Coaching can be done on a per-session or multi-session basis or through a program, such as:

“From Sickness to Wellness: The Renewed Spirit” – a concrete program within Spiritual Coaching

“You didn’t die.  Now what?”  This program is designed specifically for the survivor of serious illness – cancer, transplant, or any other potentially terminal diagnosis. Through four one-hour sessions, we will look at specific questions that are often strongly prevalent for the survivor. A wonderful program for those new to spiritual coaching and with a survivor history.


“Where are you? Where is God?” – exploratory session for Spiritual Direction or Coaching

This one-hour session is a wonderful exploration into spiritual direction. Used as the introductory session for both spiritual direction and spiritual coaching, this session will help the client discern where they are in their relationship with the Divine, whether spiritual contemplative work (direction or coaching) is right for them, and if Rev. Carrie is the right practitioner for them. $20. Contact Rev. Carrie to book your session.

Spiritual coaching sessions are typically one hour, once or twice a month. The usual fee is $90 per session; a sliding scale is available for those in financial difficulty.


Spiritual Resiliency Program – for those with chronic illness and/or cancer

In Spiritual Resiliency, you will learn skills and tools to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual care for yourself, as well as how to ask for and access support from others. This is the perfect program for you if you have cancer and/or a chronic illness, especially if your diagnosis is still relatively recent. Please follow the link for a complete description of this innovative program. Click here for a more in-depth description.


The Avatar Course

The mission of Avatar® in the world is to catalyze the integration of belief systems.
When we perceive that the only difference between us is our beliefs
and that beliefs can be created or discreated with ease,
the right and wrong game will wind down, a co-create game will unfold, and world peace will ensue.
The Avatar Course is a series of experiential exercises that enables you to rediscover your self and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. It’s you finding out about you.

To learn more about Avatar and experience the tools for yourself, schedule a free Info Hour with Carrie today!

Avatar® is a registered trademark of Stars Edge, Inc. All rights reserved.



Workshops / Group Sessions

All workshops can range from 2 hours to a full day. Contact me today to discuss what your group is most interested in for topic, and what time and budget you have to work with.

Past workshops have included:

From Sand to Pearl: Lessons from Chronic Illness

“Come learn spiritual practices and explore the spiritual lessons found through the experience of chronic illness. Led by Rev Carrie Little. No prerequisite.”

Conversations with Carrie

“All are welcome for this drop-in, informal group discussion about various aspects of spirituality. The topic will vary each month, and the group will determine where the conversation goes. Join interfaith minister Carrie Little.”

Just A Closer Walk With You: Strengthening Your Connection to the Divine

God Loves You – Yes, Even You!

Let’s Call God “Pat”

Buddhism, Lent and Suffering

Finding Inner Peace with Chronic Illness



Worship Services

Worship is our way of lifting up that which is Sacred.  What is sacred differs for different people and between different cultures.  I have offered Worship Services in Chelmsford, Massachusetts; Matinicus, Maine; and Amherst, New Hampshire.  I am happy to come to your place of worship to lead a service; get in touch, and we can discuss details.

Upcoming worship dates:

Check back for summer dates!


Previous worship topics have included:

Both, And


Spring Tide

Let’s Call God “Pat”

Island Strong

Relax and Know God

Let It Go: The Interconnection of Gratitude and Trust 




Every couple is individual; every loving relationship is individual; every spirituality is slightly different than every other.  I firmly believe that every wedding or commitment ceremony should also be individual.

It might be a legal contract, but my part is to bring the sacred into the ceremony. God knows and loves each of us individually and uniquely; why should our rituals not also be as unique as we are?

I work with the couple to design their ceremony to match their spirituality, their likes and dislikes, their love and relationship with each other. Whether a brief ten-minute ceremony or a 45 minute service, including readings and music, your wedding ceremony is your own.

An in-person or via Skype session with BOTH members of the couple is required, along with a deposit, before the wedding date will be confirmed. 



Baby Blessings

A baby blessing is a sacred rite that surpasses any particular religion. The parents, godparents, extended family and friends all wish to express their own blessings for the baby. This is also a wonderful time to dedicate the child to the fulfillment of his or her own special purpose in this lifetime, as well as dedicating the baby to the service of God – however that service manifests.

Take the time to intentionally welcome your child to this world and this life. Your child will gain spiritual support for their lifetime, as will you.



Funerals / Memorials

We don’t like to think about the end of life. The truth, however, is that we all will pass from this lifetime ~ as will all our family, friends and pets. Honoring those who have passed is a necessity for those left behind. You can be sure that I will treat each situation with respect, discretion and compassion.

If you work with me in another capacity, feel free to start a discussion with me about your end of life choices. Of course, you are also welcome to contact me after the death of a loved one to arrange a service in their honor.



In all things, in all times, on all occasions, I wish you safety, health, happiness and peace of mind and heart.




A Note about Money

There is a large amount of discussion in spiritual provider circles around whether to charge for one’s services.

There are some spiritual providers who are supported by an institution – a denomination, a particular church, a hospital, a charity, a monastery, a house of prayer, etc. Typically those who are supported in this way will ask for either donations or smaller fees. Sometimes the charges are dependent on whether the client is a member of the institution, and therefore supporting the provider’s work in a different fashion.

There are other spiritual providers, such as Rev. Carrie, who are not supported in this way. By staying “independent,” Rev. Carrie is able to travel to serve clients, set her own schedule, decide on her own offerings and see clients in many different locations, among other benefits. In order for this independence to be feasible, Rev. Carrie does charge her clients appropriate fees for service.

On this ‘Offerings’ page, we will list any fees for sessions / workshops that are currently accepting registrations. Please feel free to use the “Contact the Rev” page information to ask for information including fees for any other services.

Facets of Spiritual Resiliency

Spiritual Resiliency

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