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Spiritual Resiliency

Spiritual Resiliency:
5 Facets of a Complementary Treatment Program

Are you feeling overwhelmed by a recent medical diagnosis – cancer, chronic illness, long-form Covid, etc?
Are you having symptoms that will hopefully be resolved by Western medicine treatments, but you are struggling with how to manage them day-to-day?
A new day
Does this sound familiar?
  • Falling ill when you have been otherwise healthy,
  • Lacking a diagnosis when you know something is wrong,
  • Getting a diagnosis with difficult treatment options or scary prognosis,
  • Treatment plans that are intense, uncomfortable, and can cause disturbing side effects…

These situations and others like them can be overwhelming. They can lead to hard questions about purpose and meaning, and even a change in understanding about religious beliefs. They can lower your quality of life and cause medical trauma that can last a lifetime.

Let me guide and support you into this new reality, this ‘treatment phase’ of life.

You will learn skills and tools to provide emotional, physical, and spiritual care for yourself, as well as how to ask for and access support from others.

You will leave the program with increased resilience and confidence, a renewed sense of meaning and purpose, and a plan of complementary treatment to use in association with the standard (Western) medicine approach.

In short, you will feel more in control, more ready to face your new reality, and better prepared to work with your doctors on the treatment of your illness.



Spiritual Resiliency is a program focused on the specific needs of the chronic illness or cancer patient, designed to boost resiliency by focusing on 5 key areas: emotional self-management techniques, holistic pain and symptom reduction, spiritual support and growth, self-care, and creativity.

This is a one-on-one, completely individualized program, fully available over Zoom. We will balance getting you the information quickly while working around your treatment schedule.

You can do this — I can help you see how.
I know what it’s like.

I have cystic fibrosis and diabetes – so I have been dealing with chronic illness throughout my life. I received a double-lung transplant ten years ago – so I know what it’s like when things change suddenly and when the medical treatments are incredibly intense, even traumatic. I’ve had ongoing treatments for skin cancer and am at high risk for breast cancer – so I know how freaky that “C word” can be, and the range of possibilities it presents. I’ve also dealt with the “we don’t know” symptoms – symptoms that are so clear to me, but don’t register on any diagnostic test. I understand that frustration.

Through the varieties of chronic illness, I know that trusting the doctors is key, and I know how important it is to advocate for yourself and to practice self-care. Finding the balance among those pieces is crucial.

I also have the professional knowledge of spiritual direction and trauma sensitivity, so we can walk this difficult path together, safely.


You are standing on the threshold of a new way of life.
Step through the doorway and start exploring how GOOD this life can be!
 Are you ready?
Email me today to apply for one of the limited spots in the Spiritual Resiliency program.
Feeling curious, but not sure if it’s for you? Shoot me an email and we’ll talk.


Don’t worry – you got this.

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