Oct 12

Can I trust? Can you?

There has been a recent pattern in my life asking me to trust God. I freely admit I have some issues with it.

I continue to be reminded that “we make plans, and God laughs.” I make goals for my (side) business, but as with many other aspects of life, there is only so much I can control around whether those goals come to fruition. Meeting those goals would mean a particular income stream, which would mean that I could extricate myself from a supplemental income source (which could otherwise be unceremoniously removed from our budget at any random time). Not meeting those goals then leads me to question whether I’m working hard enough, whether I should be developing other income pathways and whether God even wants me working that business.  (He does; he’s encouraged and supported it the whole time.)

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Jul 28

Fundamentalism – Not So Fun

Fundamentalists scare me. It doesn’t matter whether they are Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or Neo-Pagan Goddess worshippers. A Fundamentalist of any faith believes that they are right and that no other truth could possibly exist.


I would hope that anyone who practices a faith or is an adherent of a religion would think that they are right, or at least that their brand of the truth makes the most sense to them. Otherwise, what is the point of following that path over another? But those that are spiritually mature beyond the black-and-white first level of development {see my previous post} can recognize the greys inherent in all systems of belief, and should / probably can see the overlaps between religions, as well as the failings in their own chosen path.

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Jul 16

Does shame always come with religion?

Is religion all about shame? This question was raised, in a round-about way, of course, on Facebook recently. Certainly when I’ve spoken with friends who are disenfranchised from Catholicism, shame and guilt have played a big part of their decision. (I have only rarely met someone disenfranchised from another religion, but I’d be pleased to get that viewpoint as well.) Yet I’m speaking to them in the context of their current religious path, usually Unitarian Universalism, so the guilt or shame that came with one religion does not translate, for them, to all religious paths.

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Apr 20


Welcome to the new Rev. Carrie Little website.  Please read my “About” page to get a sense of who I am and what my focus is.

Blessings to you on your journey!

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